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    Welcome to SkyRoast Coffee. We are thrilled by the opportunity the Ferry Market offers us to bring great coffee to the historic town of New Hope. Although it sounds syrupy, our mission truly is to try and make the world a better place, one great cup of coffee at a time. Whether you prefer buying coffee out or brewing it at home, we are confident we can up your coffee game a notch or two.


    SkyRoast Coffee at the Ferry Market is, at its heart, a coffee bar. It will be a place where locals can stop by first thing in the morning for a hand-made pour over, a quick espresso or an even quicker batch-brewed cup of delicious fresh-roasted coffee, and visitors can take a break from shopping, come in and get refreshed for another round.  While we feel great coffee is an experience best enjoyed in a fine ceramic cup, we also understand the need to grab a cup and go. Both options will be available at the Ferry Market, but you are encouraged to stop and smell your grounds and then enjoy a peacefully rich cup of well-made coffee.


    Conversation is always on the menu, but there will also be a tasty treat or two to go compliment your morning brew. If you have time, we’ll happily make you a hearty slice of artisan toast with a nice selection of toppings. There will also be fresh-roasted cold brew iced coffee as well as fresh-brewed iced teas continuously on tap.


    SkyRoast Coffee is first and foremost a coffee roaster, so fresh-roasted coffee beans will be available daily to take home and enjoy. We believe strongly that if you want great coffee, it needs to be fresh. In order to know your coffee is fresh, you need to know when it was roasted. All of our coffees are not only guaranteed fresh, but the roast date is stamped prominently on the front of the bag. We would not sell a coffee we would not drink ourselves, and we have become accustomed to some pretty amazing coffee.


    We will also be carrying a variety of home brewing equipment such as grinders, drippers, French presses and related accoutrement. Local businesses tired of office coffee will be able to use their own, or purchase high-quality carafes that can be brought in for a quick cleaning and fill up. Coffee lessons are available free as time permits. We are always happy to talk about coffee, so stop by and tell us your coffee experience and we’ll help you make it better.


    Phone: 908-224-0500

    Sky Roast Coffee Website

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