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Owner Brendon Phillips is thrilled to bring beloved artisan pizza staple "Market Pizza" to Ferry Market! "The obvious goal is serving the most astoundingly delicious pizza possible. We do this by utilizing a vast amount of locally sourced ingredients, and hand crafting as much of the experience as possible from scratch. Of course dreaming up our indulgent and delightful limited edition specials has become far more of a passion than a job. Beyond that though, I genuinely hope to create an atmosphere dripping with as much flavor as the pizza itself. I see Market Pizza as an incredible venue, a stage that amazing up and coming talented pizza artists and rockstars can utilize to show the world what they have to say with pizza! Ferry Market offers a most excellent opportunity to show the world just how much love, and creativity we put into creating these pizzas!

Along for the ride is Phillips’ head pizza chef Chelsea Paganessi. With a passion for sustainable farming, and a determination to advance her craft and culinary artistry, Paganessi looks greatly forward to serving up her own freshly grown ingredients as well as offering customers a chance to use the pizzas as a canvas for her scratch made chili oils, and hot sauces.


Phone: 609-664-7521



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