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Michele Diaz Ware is a classically trained pastry chef who has worked in some of the best restaurants in NYC until moving to the Princeton area. While in Princeton, she worked at Princeton University for a short time and returned to the pastry kitchen at Agricola. After Agricola she work for Eurest where she found her passion in healthy food, especially salads.


Little Radish's purpose to serve the freshest, most locally grown as possible, and most of all gorgeous food. All of our salads are available as a vegetarian or gluten-free option. Every salad is picture perfect. Our concept is tossing the greens with the dressing and then adding in our gorgeous signature toppings before handing it over to you. You snap a picture, close the lid, shake and eat.


What lead us to Ferry Market was a blessing. We were in the market and realized we knew one of the vendors. We started chatting, telling him we were in the process of looking for a location or food truck. When Michele told him about our food concept, his eyes lit up. He said that it would be a perfect fit for the market. That let us to this point. Our mission is: passion for food, quality products, and locally grown.

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