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Growing up in a close and loving Italian family, Tom Sciascia was spoiled with the riches of simple and fresh homemade chocolates and confections; he was moved by there sweet ability to bring such incredible happiness. It became Tom’s mission to carry that love forward and Sciascia Confections was born.


Today, Tom and Loren Sciascia meticulously handcraft each and every confection (all gluten-free): from exquisite chocolate truffles (over 30 varieties) made with cacao from the best growers in the world and many locally sourced ingredients, to silky-soft sea-salted caramels, a series of chocolate sculptured bars, “the best ever” hot drinking chocolate, fresh on-site caramelized nuts, barks, brownies, parfaits, coconut macaroons, BFF cookies, a full rainbow array of authentic French macarons and more.


Sciascia’s macarons have received rave reviews from people far and wide who have traveled the world and claim that Sciascia’s macarons are the best they’ve ever tasted. Cannoli, red velvet, salted-caramel, apricot cognac, pumpkin cheesecake, rainbow, and the macaron list goes on.


Your dessert journey awaits at Sciascia Confections—it’s going to be delicious.

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