Liz  Hawkins is the mother of four, whose friends dubbed her Mama Hawk. Her passion for baking began when she was young. Liz's mom was an amazing baker and they both loved baking bread together. As a child, Liz and her mom would bake whenever they could, but Liz was far from a baker. Shortly after Mama Hawk married, she and her husband moved to France. They lived there for 10 years, and THIS is where Liz truly became a baking master. 


In 2016, Liz Hawkins combined her love for baking with her love of quilting and opened a bakery called Mama Hawk’s Kitchen in Hamilton, MO. Cinnamon buns were by far her best selling baked good, and they gained quite a reputation! Though the business was a huge success, in 2018, Liz wanted to move back to New Hope, where she called home prior to Missouri. So, she closed up shop and looked forward to starting something new in her hometown!

One day, Liz and her husband walked into a donut shop, and the idea hit her- to create a bakery that just sold buns in all different flavors! She had already perfected the dough recipe, and with a name for this “novel” idea, all she needed to do was find a place and bring it to life. Today, Liz Hawkins has found a home for Novel Buns in Ferry Market New Hope. She offers a variety of sweet and savory buns, as well as flavorful mixed sodas. 

Every day there are at lest 8 different flavored buns available. Two of them are a chocolate based bread, and the other two are savory. Each month there are additional flavors being added to their delicious pastry case. Keep an eye out for ginormous deep dish buns, sold by-the-slice on the weekends.  Alongside their flavorful buns are Novel Sodas, made with carbonated water combined with flavored syrups. It's a fun treat and a perfect fit for these flavored buns.


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